ACT Recovery is a consultancy that is based on a commitment to the highest quality of academic research and standards translated into applied and routine practice in clinical care. Led by one of the international leaders in the Recovery field, Associate Professor David Best [of Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre and Eastern Health Clinical School, Monash University in Melbourne], ACT has a multi-disciplinary team with extensive research, clinical and policy experience.

Driven by a passion, commitment, and academic expertise in innovations for drug and alcohol recovery, ACT Recovery works in partnership with their client to develop and implement transformational system change to best suit the needs of the local drug and alcohol treatment system.

A Recovery Oriented System of Care is a person-centered approach and one that places emphasis on the resources and assets that the wider community can offer in support of an individual’s recovery, with a commitment to peers active involvement in recovery support services as well as the inclusion of family and other key people. It supports change through empowering the individual and their community to achieve long term, lasting recovery.

At the heart of transition to a Recovery Oriented System is a change in culture and practice to a system that is strengths-based, that is linked to the community, and that has a significant focus on ongoing support and care and links to agencies and groups that offer meaningful activities, safe housing, employment and training and community connections. This culture change can be initiated through events but consolidated through an evidence-based programme of recovery implementation.

Moving to a Recovery Orientated System of Care can be taken forward at a number of levels / can be approached in a number of different ways. These may involve:
  • Assessment of your existing drug and alcohol system;
  • Evaluation of your existing community recovery assets;
  • Assessment of recovery readiness of the existing treatment population and identification of ‘quick wins’ for initial focus;
  • Use of a unique web-based tool to measure clients’ recovery functioning and inform recovery-orientated care planning based on a evidence-based quantitative modelling approach from years of experience in the drug and  alcohol sector;
  • Developing staff buy-in and commitment to recovery at all levels of system change from strategic through to community champions; mobilization of community assets to support a dynamic, person centered and vibrant recovery community; and
  • Bespoke system change seminars to map and develop the transition to a Recovery Orientated System of Care, the intensity of the recovery change programme mapped to your local needs.

Each of these core elements / building blocks of transforming your system to a Recovery Orientated System of Care are outlined in the following information sheets.

Tailoring the right approach with the right resources, mapped to your local recovery capital and assets is an individual process. ACT Recovery use their expertise to evaluate your needs and offer unique and genuinely bespoke designed solutions.

Given the academic expertise of Associate Professor David Best, and the wider research team, work with ACT Recovery can also offer unrivalled opportunities for raising the public profile of your area through subsequent publication in high quality drug and alcohol publications.

ACT Recovery is consistently driving forward innovations in drug and alcohol recovery solutions providing opportunities for our work with you to deliver genuine, cutting edge, innovative products. We will tailor our interventions – at a system level, with workers, with the community and with people at various stages of their recovery journey to your specific context and needs, and will evaluate our work based on innovative research and evaluation techniques developed in partnership with the most prominent recovery academics across the globe.